How to apply a font to some specific parts on your store?

For example, your store is using a Poppins font. You want to keep that font for the whole of the site, just want to change the font for the navigation bar. Fontify can help you do that :)
Step 1: Click on the Create new button.
Step 2: Please upload your font to Fontify or select a Google font. Then enter the font name.
Step 3: Use the Picker Element to select the part that you want in your store.
When clicking on that icon, you will be redirected to a new tab with the Picker element. You can hover over the text and click on Select to pick them.
After selecting an element, you can see there is a code added to the Custom Element box like this:
Step 4: Tick the Overwrite other fonts checkbox and click the Save button.
All done, please wait for about 30 seconds and then reload your live site to check the font.
Please check the video below to get an easier understanding