**Important Notices before using**

1. Don’t let the Design be too big. It’s too slow for loading and rendering in the App. You should choose the size is about 20 cm for the edges of the design area. Or convert it to pixel unit.

2. Don’t upload heavy product image to Product Base. Shopify only allows a maximum of 31MB.

That 39 MB is the maximum size of an order set by Shopify; we can’t change that.

So you need to reduce the size of the uploaded images and reduce the size of the printing area here:

3. When you use Lumise, there is no way to get a percentage discount (although a certain amount of discount is still allowed). It is also impossible to use a coupon code. This is a technical limitation problem. We’re so sorry for that.

4. You have to prepare your own product images ( mask images) yourself to upload them to the App. You can use Photoshop to lean how to create these product images. Lumise is just a supportive tool.

5. To make the other products customizable, you have to go to Lumise Admin > Ad New Products Base. Our app does not use the existing Shopify products in your store. You need to create them once again in the app here.

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