How to Make Google Fonts GDPR Compliant with Fontify?

To make google fonts GDPR compliant, you can store the fonts on Fontify. There are two ways to store the fonts outside the Google server. To use this feature, you must upgrade to a Premium plan. It is $3/month or $29/year.

1. Upload the fonts to Fontify

You can open the Upload tab and follow this document

But in this way, you must prepare the font file. For example, you want to use the Roboto font, which is a Google font but you still need to get the font file and then upload it to Fontify to store it on Fontify's server.

2. Use Google fonts but store them outside Google servers

Please refer to this document to add Google fonts.

With this feature, you do not need to have the font file or no need to upload the font. Simply select font from Google and then tick the Store Google Fonts outside Google servers option.

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