Product Base

How to start by moving a Product into the Design Editor

You can follow this tutorial video below:

Or these screenshots guide

Step 1: Go to Lumise Control Panel Then create a Product Base

Step 2: Fill in detail of Product Base

Step 3: In Design tab -> Create stages for product

Customize Design area

Select product base images in Lumise samples. Lumise Sample are mask images Read more about Mask image

Note: By selecting a Lumise Sample, you can change the orginal color of product base image to any colors which you want. But with an Upload image you can not do it.

Step 4: Skip Variant tab and go to Attribute tab

  • Attribute type 1: Product color

  • Attribute type 2: Dropdown

  • Attribute type 3: Textarea

Step 5: Go back to Variant Tab -> Add new variant based on Atttributes: Product color and Dropdown

Fill in Variant information such as: price, min+max quantity, description

===> Click to “Save Product” Please go here to check what you have set for this “Product base 1”

Step 6. Go to Shopify Admin> All Products. The product base you’ve created is showing up as a Shopify product in your store

Step 7. Go to View this Shopify product in its product page. Find Customize button. If you can not find out the Customize button, please do embded code again. Or contact us to get help

Note: The Customize button is automatically created, so it may not in suitable style. If this is a case, please contact us for a support. We’ll help you change the style of this button for free

Here is how it looked on the Customer end.

2. On Customer end

Let’s check the settings you have done for this product base in Lumise Control Panel before

Note: When customer added designed products to cart .Then exit Design page, go back to shop because they don’t want to Checkout thereafter. They can review their products anytime by clicking on the fixed cart icon, This cart icon appear on HOME page of your store


Designed product information

The customer’s order with a product designed by themselves is completed!

Download Customer’s Design

After your customer had completed checkout process, You can go to Orders –> Select an order–> Click to Download design

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